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NFAIf you choose to work with one of the US Forex brokers you may like to know more details about a licensed organization regulating their services. The talk is about the National Futures Association (shortly NFA).

Foremost, let’s denote the purpose of the National Futures Association. It was founded in 1982 with the concrete aim – to regulate U.S. futures markets and their participants. Approximately at the same time was founded another organization – the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Both NFA and CFTC regulate the work of the Forex over-the-counter brokers. The Board of the National Futures Association set the effective rules every firm working under its supervision should fulfill. If a trader decides to work with U.S. brokers, undoubtedly, it is better to collaborate with the firms monitored by the National Futures Association.

The National Futures Association fulfills many purposes as all similar independent and self-regulating organizations. But its major objective is to protect public investors and individuals dealing with Forex trading. Its specialization is in regulation of firms working at the Forex futures market. The standards for the financial assets developed by the NFA are reviewed year by year to meet the requirement of the modern global economy.

Dealing with the brokers regulated by the NFA a client can be sure he is completely protected. Any violation of the set rules and a broker losses its privileges as a NFA protected organization. And customers who suffered from such violation of rules can expect to get compensation.

Our website offers to read reviews of the most reliable futures brokers collaborating with the National Futures Association. You as a client are free to select any of the enumerated firms. They differ but also have one thing in common. All NFA regulated brokers follow the next principles in their work:

  • providing licensed services for all clients;
  • protecting clients’ funds by working with the trustworthy banks. The National Futures Association insists on separate management and keeping of customers’ funds. This means your actives won’t be used for any operation activities of a firm.

Such policy of the National Futures Association gives guarantees for investors who have certain doubts about Forex brokers working in the territory of the USA. On our website you can find the reviews of the brokers regulated by the NFA. We pay your attention to the fact that all brokers differ between one another. 

Visit official NFA website.

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