ActTrader Trading Platform

ActTrader is a familiar and competitive trading platform that is widely spread in Europe and all across American continents. Being developed by ActForex ( and launched in 2010 ActTrader platform stands as a major competitor for such a compelling product as MetaTrader 4. As well as MT4, ActTrader allows traders of various types (according to their strategies and market preferences) to trade currency pairs and CFD’s and of course allows managing multiple accounts simultaneously. Applying ActTrader platform you can trade with tight spreads and great liquidity as it performs excellent execution even during protuberant news events.

Among the most significant specialties of the platform are the possibilities to use it as a simple windows-based application, online web application accessible via browser or use it on mobile devices or tablets. Talking about the ActTrader platform we can’t but mention this software is quite new on the market and thus has a modern and user-friendly interface that was designed by ActForex experts who primarily took into account traders needs.  As for today ActTrader’s popularity is constantly rising and more and more reputable brokers prefer serving their clients with this outstanding tool. Forex Club is one of such fully regulated brokers that offer their clients ActiveFX Accounts which are supposed to be managed via ActTrader platform.


ActTrader Advantages

ActTrader platform is a complex trading toolset that has multiple advantages in comparison with other common platforms. First of all the software basis is quite universal: it allows trading Forex, CFDs (Futures and Equities), Currency options, Forwards and ETFs which surely makes it very flexible.

All the accessible product versions (including ActPhone, ActDroid and ActPad) are very functional and combine such general advantages:

  • Guaranteed constant and fast liquidity
  • Rich variety of Customizable trading tools
  • No price manipulation or Dealing Desk intervention
  • Implementated feedback provided by main bank institutions
  • Forex-related news in live mode
  • One Click Trading
  • Fractional Pips for tighter spreads
  • Support of Automated (programmed) Trading
  • Trading Central Analytics and Autochartist function
  • Stable and safe connection
  • Rich variety of order types


ActTrader Application Versions

As for today there exist five major versions of ActTrader which allow using the platform whether on your PC (as an installable desktop soft), through browser and on smartphones.

  1. ActTrader Web – the Java based platform that allows trading without the necessity to install software on your PC. The application supports all basic operating systems like Windows, Linux or Mac since Java support is the only requirement.
  2. ActTrader Mobile – complete and simple version for mobile trading (has some limitations as any other mobile version)
  3. ActPhone – iPhone based version that allows to open positions and manage orders, view charts, access news
  4. ActDroid – almost fully functional platform for usage via android based devices.
  5. ActPad – version for iPad users, grants the same possibilities as ActDroid



The whole ActTrader Trading Platform structure includes all the essential functions realised in the most scrupulous way that will defeinitely help a trader to stay organized while trading process. As for today, it definitely combines the advantages of major popular platforms which are applied in European and US financial markets. Let us make our conclusion by listing some most significant ActTrader features:

  • ActTrader is a competitive trading toolset developed by the leading and independent ActForex team of trading software experts.
  • ActTrader platform includes several alternative versions: for simple using inside your internet browser (ActTrader™ Web) or running it via smartphones and tablets (ActPhone, ActDroid and ActPad).
  • Choosing ActTrader you get excellent execuuion and Fast Liquidity, even during prominent news and Fractional Pips for tight spreads.
  • ActTrader supports Automated Trading that means you are able to use programmed Robots or so called Advisers according to your strategy.
  • The platform is really on demand in over 100 countries of the US, Europe, Japan and its popularity is continually rising.

As you can see, ActTrader platform is a well-established player. It undoubtfully worthes your consideration especially if you still have not decided which of the trading software will suite you better.

You can start trading or practicing on Forex and CFD Markets via ActTrader after registering the ActiveFX Account kindly offered by Forex Club Brokerage Company that is fully regulated and known all around the globe.

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