Become an Introducing Broker (IB)

In Forex affiliate structure the Introducing Broker (abbreviation IB) or so called Introducing Agent (IA) is a person or organization that has a direct relationship with customers of a brokerage company he works for. The major task of any IB is bringing new clients to the company by means of advertising and introducing particular broker’s services. After gaining the status of the Introducing Broker you will get the referral link that is usually the main instrument of every IB used to track all his clients – referrals. Depending on status the IB will also get access to various promotional materials like banners, promo articles and other widgets he may use to attract customers by placing them on web-sites, forums, blogs and social networks. Becoming an Introducing Broker nowadays is very simple and what is more important can be very profitable. The revenue (earning) schemes that are used for today are described in the previous page – Forex Affiliate Programs – Start your Online Business.

To become an Introducing Broker you must sign up for at least one of the featured affiliate programs and verify your account if necessary. The whole procedure will take a few minutes and after confirmation of your personality you will have to choose the representation type to start your work as an IB. There are 3 main types of cooperation that brokerage companies offer nowadays:

  1. Forex Agent – the simplest type of affiliate representative. Revenue shares of such representation type are usually the lowest among all the others but requirements for this type are minimized as well. To become an Introducing Broker of such kind you are not required to have your own website – all you have to do is to register an account (even verification if mostly unnecessary).
  2. Webmaster Representative – next level of affiliate representation which requires owning a personal web-site (forum, blog, whatever). Introducing Brokers of this type get higher revenues and are supported with different promotional materials like banners, articles, vidgets and other useful things they may use on their sites to attract customers.
  3. White Label – the last stage of representation. This allows an IB to use his own brand for providing services at Financial Markets. To found your brokerage firm as a white label you must officially register the company according to the law of the region of foundation.

Described above Introducing Broker types are listed here only for informational purposes. Terms “Forex Agent”, “Webmaster Representative” and “White Label” are used only to explain the heart of the matter and we do not state they are standard for all brokerage companies. Every broker develops his own terms and conditions for partnership programs they use however their main principles and models are usually the same.


How Does Introducing Broker Earn

Working as an Introducing Broker is the way to earn money online by attracting new clients to the broker’s site. IB’s commissions are charged automatically by means of referral linking system – after a trader opens a new account via the referral link, the Introducing Broker starts getting his reward that depends on the status and revenue model of the affiliate program. After the IB perform particular amount of referred capital he gets upper in his IB status and obtains higher revenue range and sometimes even gains some other advantages.

introducing broker incomes

According to the statistics for the last 2 years Introducing Brokers of eTroro, Exness and Roboforex became the major source of these brokers’ incomes. An average IB can earn 3000 USD per month without applying any special tricks and spending a lot of time during the working day. Nevertheless, we at do not recommend anyone to become an Introducing Broker for “additional source of income” as we consider this online business as something solid and therefore, reckon that becoming an IB should be taken seriously. Being a novice in this sphere, you should get ready to spend some time learning the basics and our Affiliate Marketing Guide, specially designed as a universal reference will definitely help both rookies and professional advertisers in performing their job.


How to Become an Introducing Broker

Nothing is that simple as starting your career as an Introducing Broker (Agent) – all you have to do is to register a new account on the broker’s site and sign up for the affiliate program. The whole procedure of registration will take not more than a few hours and it is absolutely free. You may pick one or sigh up for all programs represented in our List of Top Affiliate Programs that contains only proved (non-scam) and lucrative programs. Becoming a successful IB will allow you to earn thousands of dollars without leaving your comfortable office or apartment and we will gladly help you with all we can to gain success together!

If you are looking for some good and proved online business opportunities and are willing to start or advance the career of the IB see our Top Affiliate Programs List and become an Introducing Broker of these brokerage companies.


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