Broker Rates is a purely informational portal that was specially designed to provide all groups of Forex traders with the most essential information on Forex trading.

Our purpose is to help a novice to start trading in a most safe and suitable way and give a professional some good up-to-date information about regular changes in the sphere of trading.

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Our goal is to grant our visitors with all the necessary information that might help them to open a new Forex-trading account, develop or update their trading strategies and warn them about possible threads of losses by means of becoming a client of a fraudulent firm.


Our Policy was established by a small team of professional internet analysts and marketers. Although we are not Forex traders and do not claim ourselves to be professional trading strategy developers we position our group as experts in the field of Forex brokerage firms which provide online trading. We are interested in your opinion and estimation while some really valuable information on modern brokers is what you get in return.  The value of our service lies in its uniqueness – the ratings and reviews of Forex brokers we have covered so far is an unbiased view that represents really truthful opinions of hundreds of traders who visit our site every day. Just for today we have dozens of new visitors daily from all over the world and their number is constantly rising.

We truly believe that such an unprejudiced approach is the key principle for creating a successful Forex rating at the time of severe competition around the Foreign Exchange market.  Thus, being independent from the brokers featured on our site makes the major difference between us and 90% of other common sites. is here to fulfill the informational lack in Forex brokerage and help traders in overcoming the problem of misleading information about dozens of dishonest firms.


What we are? is an independent internet project that aims to clarify the situation on the modern brokerage market. Among our members are professional traders and market analysts, former broker representatives and qualified asset managers who willingly share their rich experience just to help contemporary traders to act more efficiently by choosing optimum partners in their business. We do not position ourselves as a well-known consulting company nor pursue financial interests – our main interest is the priceless information gathered from various sources and of course our visitors.

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