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Affiliate PartnershipBeing a participant of various Forex affiliate programs invites people from all over the world to establish business relation in the sphere of affiliate partnership. As you may already know, affiliate partnership is the most efficient way of attracting new clients and boosting any brand online. As for today, there exist thousands of companies which offer affiliate programs with different conditions of participation and payment schemes. They are applied for any business sphere and can be classified by number of tiers (one or multi tier) and by type (percentage revenue or pay-per-action). One simple thing that is surely common for every program is affiliate partners as they are the main characters in any affiliate business. If you are a novice to affiliate marketing do not hurry to leave – our team has developed some simple introducing materials which will explain you everything you need to know for starting your affiliate partnership business.


What Kind of Partnership do we Offer

As a team of experienced Introducing Brokers, we offer visitors to join our society and become our IB partners. All affiliate partnership types which are minutely described further in this section are tested and approved by our team-mates. Introducing materials which aim to explain the basics of affiliate marketing are designed to be universal so everyone (no matter whether you are a newbie of advanced IB) could make use of them.

We offer affiliate partnership according to the programs established by the most trusted and known brokerage companies with outstanding reputation. All of the programs featured on are multi tier.


Affiliate Partnership Benefits

If you ask why we are so kindly offering thorough introducing materials and earning schemes for free we would answer that our interest is getting more! All of the Top Affiliate Programs featured on are multi tier that means we will get our share from your earnings. So we are interested in your success directly – we get nothing if you get nothing.

Talking about foundation of any business nowadays, everybody is interested in the initial capital the one will need to start and time that will pass before you cover the spending and get something in return. Affiliate partnership in the web is something we specialize at and thus, state that IB partnership model is the only opportunity that allows a newbie to start from zero (participation in all represented programs is free) and get high incomes in a few weeks time.

All you need to do is bringing new clients to a specific company and benefits of such business model are obvious – you pay no taxes, work according to the schedule comfortable for you and sell without going through the hassle of product development and delivery.

Now let us make some simple calculations to help you understand what it is all about and why you should spend your priceless time reading this section. Let us assume you have accepted our IB partnership offer and became an Introducing Broke of a particular brokerage company. First thing you have to do is to decide how to introduce the company’s services to potential clients. There are two major directions for doing this: first is direct online advertising by means of ad platforms like Google AdWords and second – advertising via IB private website.

We apply both methods and reckon two of them are equal in its efficiency but it is not necessary to use both of them simultaneously. Pay-per-click (PPC) ads are the most effective nowadays and you do not have to be a professional marketer to start earning by means of such advertising methods. Our practice shows that starting from 100 USD you can double the investment for ad translation in Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines. An average trader performs about 100 trading deals per month and you will definitely get your share for every closed deal which depends on particular affiliate program conditions. To conclude, we would admit that PPC is the fastest way to make money as an Introducing Broker but you will need to constantly replenish your advertising accounts as in PPC you pay for every click.

No matter what kind of introducing you will choose, we will help you in both PPC advertising and IB website development.

Explore the Partnership section to learn more about affiliate partnership and find some up-to-date opportunities for starting or advancing your online business.

Contact us with any questions, proposals or remarks concerning IB partnership we offer and we will gladly consider and respond to them as soon as possible. Remember, we are here to help you in becoming a successful IB and off course earn some cash :)).


Affiliate Partnership Contents:

  1. Forex Affiliate Programs - Introduction
  2. Become an IB
  3. Top Affiliate Programs
  4. IB Website Promotion Tips
  5. Affiliate Marketing Guide (coming soon)
  6. Web-Site Order
  7. Affiliate Programs Glossary

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