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US Residents, accept US clients, US clients, brokers that accept US clientsThis page is devoted to US residents who are searching for brokers that accept US clients. After studying the issue of US brokerage we decided to form a list of US and non-US brokers which can be considered as potential trading partners for the US residen

This page is devoted to US residents who are searching for brokers that accept US clients. After studying the issue of US brokerage we decided to form a list of US and non-US brokers which can be considered as potential trading partners for the US residents. The following list contains Forex brokers which confirmed in writing that they are able to accept US clients via registration on their main or affiliate (US branch) web-site. Selected companies offer the following trading conditions:

  • minimum trading account: from 1 USD
  • leverage: from 1:20 to 1:700
  • spreads: from 0.6 pip on majors

First of all let us introduce the heart of the matter: nowadays, it is not a secret that a good number of international Forex brokers (especially those offshore which are almost unregulated) do not allow US residents to become their clients but that is not even a half of the story!

Many mediocre brokerage firms simply withhold some unpleasant moments that could be met by the US citizens after starting business relations with them. Thus, even after a few significant reforms were accepted by the USA Government, many unregulated brokers continue their business with Americans and often hide the truth because there are no precise law-based restrictions which would deter US clients from opening trading accounts with such companies (especially when the registration of a new account takes a few clicks). Of course, there are dozens of various broker reviews over the internet where you can find some really useful facts and revealed pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of particular broker but that is not enough if you are the US resident.

Restrictions Implemented by the US Market Regulating Authorities

First of all let us highlight that there may not be any official, law-based rules stating US residents cannot register offshore trading accounts, but practically that does not mean that being a US citizen you won't have pending problems during the whole period of cooperation. As for today many traders from the USA are interested is possibilities of opening overseas Forex accounts as they are constantly seeking for better and more beneficial trading conditions like lower spreads and wider leverage. Many of them are fairly confused about the issue because every wise person is concerned about the safety of his funds. Nevertheless we are glad to announce: the situation is not as puzzling as it might seem for the first sight.

Now let us consider the major reason which has been sowing the confusion about accepting US clients by Forex brokers recently.

Dodd-Frank Act

The Dodd–Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act is a federal statute in the USA signed by President Obama. The Act became active on July 21, 2010. Purely, it is a product of the financial regulatory reform agenda of the US President Administration and Congress. You can view the full review of this Act using Wikipedia or load the Act’s full text from the website of the US Security and Exchange Commission.

In short, the Dodd-Frank Act has implemented a new set of rules for the stocks, options, futures and Forex market as well. It states that every Forex brokerage company offering trading services which imply opening trading accounts for US residents (citizens) is obliged to be registered with the National Futures Association (NFA) and Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). Obviously, you will not find many legal and regulated FX Brokers registered with the NFA nowadays and therefore, many brokers decided to stop accepting US clients to avoid paper mess that would definitely draw unforeseen expenses (it seems to be the easiest decision for such brokers).

There also were other reforms and changes regarding Financial Market Services provided in the USA for the last few years. Some of them are connected with the CFTC activities, some were implemented directly by the US Government but we do not find it too essential so will not discuss them in this article.



Undoubtedly implementation of the abovementioned regulations leaded to some obvious advantages for the US Government and citizens as well. Forcing clients to register under legal and NFA regulated brokerage firms will increase the safety of the US residents’ funds and enrich the US State Treasury because the invested funds “won’t leave the USA borders”. But there always are some pros and cons for such innovations.

Firstly, there are obvious disadvantages for the brokerage companies – according to new regulations accepted by the US Government Non-US brokers can only take US customers under their US branch (affiliate). Moreover, a high minimum of capital for fulfillment of functions particular broker states was established. Secondly, the US reforms have leaded to crucial disadvantages for traders and investors (direct Brokers clients) – trading conditions became much more unprofitable for the vast majority of small and mediocre customers (e.g. leverage was reduced to 1:50 when trading strategies used by many traders requires 1:200 and higher).

Taking into account all the mentioned rules it is still not necessarily that you must only select among US Brokerages to avoid any possible latent problems. There still exist non-US Forex firms that are open to clients from the USA while the situation with the US Jurisdiction over offshore Banks and common institutions is still unclear.

Although we state that Brokers from the following list confirmed that they accept US clients you should note that we do not claim this list of Brokers for US Residents to be thorough. We also do not take any responsibility for the information displayed on this page and suggest using it purely as a recommendation or advice in finding a proper Forex brokerage company. Remember to email or talk to the support of any of these brokerage companies if being a US resident you wish to become their client. Do that to get assured that their trading conditions and withdrawal facilities meet your requirements and there will not be any extra charges diverse from those, applied to non-US clients.

Broker logo Title Review News Comm. Sta- tistic Min. depo. $ Leverage Rating Voting US traders Status Com- pare
1 eToro eToro 200 100:1
2 OANDA OANDA 500 400:1
3 FXDD FXDD 250 500:1
4 GFT GFT 250 200:1
5 LiteForex LiteForex 1 1000:1
6 250 200:1
7 MRC Markets MRC Markets 100 500:1
8 CitiFX Pro CitiFX Pro 10 0:1
9 Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers 5000 0:1

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Barak Hujung 2016-07-18 17:07:15
What about Thailand? Any offices accept for our "beloved" capital? I'd really love to get some coffee before I spend a few hundreds ))
Alex Svetlov 2016-07-06 17:07:09
Bring us to St. Petersburg brothers ): 'cause that's where all started!
Duna Vayjhan 2016-07-06 17:07:04
Leverage good for me but the rating is weird. Why do not you update the whole website and the whole rating list - it is better to view the up to date information. And what is minimum deposit? Is it really so? I don't think it is the truth...
Kappo Garmini 2015-03-03 18:03:55
5 usd starting money gives me fun, though I am a low-end trader ))
Kappo Garmini 2015-03-03 18:03:55
5 usd starting money gives me fun, though I am a low-end trader ))
Nick 2014-05-23 00:00:00
Nice broker. Fast executions, never requotes, tight spreads. Withdrawals are smooth.
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Great partnership program for Webmasters!
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