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Swap-Free brokers, islamic brokersSwap-free brokers in their turn do not allow to trade with swaps. By means of an account of swap-free broker you will be able to rollover the position during the overnight period

Forex market is very flexible when it comes to the broker classification. Even if your religious or some other individual principles do not allow you to trade using rollovers and swaps there is the solution. It is offered by swap-free brokers on Forex.

Below you can read reviews of the Forex swap-free brokers. You will also have a chance to know how they work. And find out what they can offer everyone who is interested in swap-free Forex trading.

Foremost, let’s figure out for what swaps on FX market are used. The swap instruments are applied by Forex traders choosing to trade long term positions. After setting a trade a Forex trader can choose to hold it during the overnight session. To support Forex trade balance at the end of a trading day institutions providing such deals charge payments for such service. For balancing regular and overnight trades were created the so-called tom-next swaps. This means a trader will manage to buy/sell a certain amount of currency on the same rates. The talk is about exchange rates which were available when a trader opened a trade a day earlier. Forex traders are charged the carry cost for holding a position on a daily basis. In such way the Forex trade balance is availed.

Swap-free brokers in their turn do not allow to trade with swaps. By means of an account of swap-free broker you will be able to rollover the position during the overnight period. This means you won’t lose or gain any amount during an overnight session till the beginning of the next trading day. Collaboration with swap-free brokers has its peculiarities which are not fitting every trading strategy.

On the one hand, the exchange rates may slightly change when you decide to close a long term position.

On the other hand, a swap-free account allows saving money when there is a need to hold a position.  Many traders benefit from trading with swap-free brokers because the next day’s exchange rates may change as they need bringing more profits after closing a deal.

Now you know how swap-free brokers work. Let’s try to figure out why swap-free brokers are so popular specifically in the Islamic world.

It is true that sometimes swap-free brokers are called as Muslim Friendly brokers. And the accounts they provide are known among traders as “Islamic” ones. Swap-free brokers are extremely popular for traders from Iran, Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.  

It happens so because Shariah (Islamic Religious Law) doesn’t allow paying any interest on any investment. But the rollover interest payment is one of the key aspects of Forex trading. To make Forex trading available for Muslim traders were created swap-free brokers. They support and do not violate the sacred religious laws. They provide no charges for holding an overnight position. Mostly the clients of swap-free brokers are Muslims. But swap-free brokers welcome everyone who doesn’t like the Forex swap policy.

On our website you will find the list of reviews of reputable Forex swap-free brokers. Their services and offers differ and you have a chance to compare and choose the best swap-free broker responding your needs.

Broker logo Title Review News Comm. Sta- tistic Min. depo. $ Leverage Rating Voting US traders Status Com- pare
1 eToro eToro 200 100:1
2 RoboForex RoboForex 1 500:1
3 Alpari Alpari 100 1000:1
4 NordFX NordFX 5 500:1
5 InstaForex InstaForex 1 1000:1
6 Forex4you Forex4you 1 500:1
7 Exness Exness 1 2000:1
8 ACM ACM 2000 100:1
9 FxCompany FxCompany 100 500:1
10 TradeFort TradeFort 5 1000:1
11 FBS FBS 1 2000:1
12 LiteForex LiteForex 1 1000:1
13 FortFS FortFS 5 1000:1
14 MasterForex MasterForex 100 500:1

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Barak Hujung 2016-07-18 17:07:15
What about Thailand? Any offices accept for our "beloved" capital? I'd really love to get some coffee before I spend a few hundreds ))
Alex Svetlov 2016-07-06 17:07:09
Bring us to St. Petersburg brothers ): 'cause that's where all started!
Duna Vayjhan 2016-07-06 17:07:04
Leverage good for me but the rating is weird. Why do not you update the whole website and the whole rating list - it is better to view the up to date information. And what is minimum deposit? Is it really so? I don't think it is the truth...
Kappo Garmini 2015-03-03 18:03:55
5 usd starting money gives me fun, though I am a low-end trader ))
Kappo Garmini 2015-03-03 18:03:55
5 usd starting money gives me fun, though I am a low-end trader ))
Nick 2014-05-23 00:00:00
Nice broker. Fast executions, never requotes, tight spreads. Withdrawals are smooth.
Alex V 2013-10-09 00:00:00
Great partnership program for Webmasters!
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