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2016-08-01 16:08:23

About the 50% Fortune Bonus program

Fortune favors the bold. Turn things up this summer with our lavish givings.

With up to 50% bonus on the account's net deposit, Exness' Fortune Bonus offers you greater trading abilities everytime you make a deposit.

To qualify, simply open a Mini trading account and select Fortune Bonus. 

Important! Updates to the bonus percentage and amount will occur within 4 hours of the last transaction or deposit/withdrawal of funds. Only closed positions are considered when calculating the cumulative Trading Volume.

2016-07-21 17:07:34

Exness Group today released a Report of Factual Findings on Exness' funds conducted by Deloitte, reinforcing its stand for greater transparency in the forex industry and confirming the Group to have US$83.78 million of own funds.

2016-07-05 17:07:15

In celebration of our partnership with Red Bull Racing, we are launching a Formula One-themed trial trading contest – the FX1 Grand Prix Trial Contest – for our clients and partners.

The FX1 Grand Prix Trial Contest is one in a line-up of exciting activities, including DreamBig, a "thank you" campaign targeted at Exness' clients and partners. A four-part forex trading contest, FX1 Grand Prix Trial Contest consists of three qualifying rounds and a Grand Finale, with winners having a chance to walk away with a total of USD 28,000 cash and bonuses, as well as exclusive Red Bull Racing merchandise.

2016-06-25 18:07:15

Exness claims another first in the forex market with the launch of non-trading-related campaign, DreamBig – the first non-trading-related contest organized by a broker.

The launch of DreamBig adds a warm, humane touch to its portfolio, moving the brand away from the stereotypical icy image that is often portrayed in the finance sector.

2016-06-17 16:07:52

Exness Group today published an independent assurance report performed by Deloitte, recording a total trading volume of US$587.8 billion in Q1 2016, a 5% quarter-on-quarter performance growth.

The assurance report also confirmed steady growth in total clients' withdrawals and total partners' rewards (referred to as "Agents' commission" in the report) for the quarter ended March 31, 2016, with figures recorded at US$73.2 million and US$10.4 million respectively.

2016-03-23 17:07:43

Exness is proud to be named the Best Educational Broker at FX Empire Broker Awards 2015, a vote-based competition that saw the participation of more than 10,000 traders this year.

”Winning this award means more than just industry recognition. It means that traders acknowledge our education initiative and that the resources we put forth are of value to them,” said Igor Rudi, Marketing Director.

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