NordFX ZuluTrade Accounts

NordFX ZuluTrade Accounts

2012-03-10 00:00:00

Get a special opportunity of professiona half-automatic trading - open a ZuluTrade account with NordFX!


About ZuluTrade from NordFX


First of all, ZuluTrade combines various informational sources esential for trading (execution of deals). Secondly, it is used to convert the advice of professional traders from all around the world to an executed trade abolutely automatically.


Thanks to ZuluTrade from NordFX you can trade successfully without doing all the hard work. Therefore, studying and analyzing the world financial market is not necessary because dozens of trading signal providers from all around the globe are doing such things for you. Just pick the proper signal providers and ZuluTrade system will rapidly convert their advices into real trades within your NordFX account. The most important fact about ZuluTrade is that such service is free* to use! All you need to do is opening an account on

Brief Description from NordFX


The client controls automatic Forex trading on his ZuluTrade account completely. The whole service became so popular because of great usability and simplicity - you do not have to be an expert to start. Just get real expert experience and use it for your benefits.



  • min. deposit: 50 USD;
  • 44 Forex instruments + gold + silver;
  • Leverage up to 200:1;
  • min. lot size: 0.01;
  • max. lot size: 50 with step of 0.01;


*Although you do not pay for using ZuluTrade automatic trading system you still must pay for NordFX brokerage services.

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