Verified funds report, confirming 83.78 mln USD of Exness funds

Verified funds report, confirming 83.78 mln USD of Exness funds

2016-07-21 17:07:34

Exness Funds Report

Exness Group today released a Report of Factual Findings on Exness' funds conducted by Deloitte, reinforcing its stand for greater transparency in the forex industry and confirming the Group to have US$83.78 million of own funds.

In its lead and establishment of transparency practices, Exness is publishing annual funds audit on top of quarterly publications of assurance reports on trading volumes, clients' withdrawals, and partners' commissions.

On its campaign for transparency, Exness Group's CEO, Petr Valov, said, "Every client and partner of Exness Group should have access to factual information about the Group's financial indicators. When we announce our leading positions in the industry, we support it with figures confirmed by independent experts."

Conducted in accordance with the International Standard on Related Services (ISRS 4400), the report on Exness' funds balance by Deloitte, dated April 14, 2016, confirms the "existence and accuracy of Exness' own and clients' funds". In less than a year (from January 20 to December 31, 2015), Exness' total funds grew by 60.7% to US$106.68 million, with a 63.9% and 50.2% increase in own and clients' funds respectively. The report also shows majority of funds being Exness' own - totaling to US$83.78 million (78.5% of total funds) - with clients' funds at US$22.90 million.


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