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MT4, MT5MetaTrader 4 (abbreviation MT4), is the most familiar, full-cycle, online trading platform widely spread among financial market speculative traders. Metatrader 4 was developed by MetaQuotes Software ( and was launched in 2005. The platform is licensed and distributed to brokerage companies of various types offering services for trading in Forex, Futures and CFD markets. Brokers, in their turn, provide MT4 to traders and investors –their clients (view the list of MT Brokers). Metatrader 4 consists of two main components which are server and client parts. The server is used by the broker and the client component is provided to its clients. MT4 was designed to grant a trader all the essential functions for trading on financial markets through a modern and user-friendly application interface. With the help of this outstanding trading platform a trader can view charts and live streaming prices, he can place trading orders, manage single or multiple (cumulative) accounts.

A Bit of MetaTrader History

First, starting from 2002 MetaQuotes Software developed and released a number of MetaTrader versions. These versions were met by audience quite warmly so the developers decided to continue their work on improvement their products. Having a good market research database they decided to combine all the obvious advantages of the previous versions to create a unique, powerful and universal product which would allow trading Forex, CFD and Futures markets. Thus, as an emphatically enhanced and upgraded version MetaTrader 4 has appeared.

 MetaTrader 4 Platform Structure

MetaTrader functional basis consists of the following components:

  1. MT4 Client Terminal is the trader's environment used by traders to place trading orders, conduct various technical analyses and work with programmed automated systems so called Expert Advisors or Robots.
  2. MetaTrader 4 Server is the system core wherein all deals are processed and all trading history data is kept.
  3. MetaTrader 4 Manager is used to process transactions and manages customers’ accounts.
  4. MetaTrader 4 Administrator stands for remote administration, financial instruments set-up, essential data storage and so on.
  5. MetaTrader 4 Mobile Terminal is a very important and demanded feature that enables account management and analysis (mobile trading) via mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  6. MetaTrader 4 Proxy Server (Data Center) applied to increase platform security and scalability level.


Automated Trading with MetaTrader 4

Automated trading can be easily performed in the MT4 environment. This technology is quite new but efficient as it give a trader an opportunity of narrow setting for some significant parameters that influence on the results directly. A trader can apply automated or so called half-automated trading by means of Expert Advisors – programs that are usually used to manage trader’s account without involvement of the trader himself. All such programs are developed with the help of the MetaQuotes Language 4 (abbreviation MQL4). This language has much in common with C++ and other popular program languages that definitely makes it universal in all aspects. Almost every trading strategy can be automated with the help of MQL4. View Automated Trading with MetaTrader 4 on the MetaQuotes Software website to get more detailed and thorough information on the issue.

MetaTrader 5

After about a year of public beta testing MetaTrader 5 was released as a significantly re-coded product in the year of 2010. As well as the previously released MT4 the fifth version was designed for trading in Forex, CFD and Futures markets but it also included an opportunity to trade in equity markets and execute deals in financial markets and stock exchanges simultaneously by using the same account. Although MetaQuotes Software claimed MT5 to be the better and updated client terminal in comparison to MetaTrader 4, as of 2011 most brokerage companies still used MT4 probably because of quite slow uptake of the new product.


Without a doubt, MetaTrader 4 is the most popular and powerful trading platform that stays without a rival in the field of brokerage since 2005. It shows outstanding performance results, thus being applied with a mediocre machine it serves 10,000 and more traders who works with multiple accounts. The MT4 server can process dozens of various financial instruments and historical data for many years. From the technical view MetaTrader 4 is the most universal trading platform that would surely satisfy all the needs of modern traders today: it provides fully functional mobile trading, advanced automated trading and strong security system. It is also a very flexible platform that has multi-language and multi-currency support. You can get an installation file of MetaTrader 4 from your MT broker’s website or download it from


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