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First of all let us underline that owning an IB website is essential if you made a solid decision to start your career as an Introducing Broker. IB websites are mostly applied to attract broker clients by placing different promotional materials on its pages. But nevertheless, attracting new clients is not the only purpose of running such websites – they can also help you in obtaining higher IB status and therefore get higher revenue shares!

Broker-Rates.com is the straight example of an IB website but functioning as a Forex Broker Rating we represent several brokerage companies and Introducing Brokerage is not our only business direction.

There are different kinds of sites that can be used as an IB website:

  1. IB Review – the simplest way to introduce a brokerage company. Such affiliate websites consists of a few pages that enlist some major data on the broker, its advantages and of course IB contacts.
  2. Blog – shortening for web log. It is a kind of web journal where the blog administrator posts diary entries on a particular topic. Blog content consists of blog posts and is usually displayed in chronological order.
  3. Forex-related site – more than just a review or a blog; can contain various useful resources, inner blogs and forums and be used for different purposes including affiliate partnership.
  4. Internet Forum – an online message board. Forums are used all around the web to discuss different topics. They consist of branches prepared by forum administrators and moderators which in their turn contain topics. Every forum member can post questions and replies concerning a particular topic and make polls.
  5. Forex portal – kind of IB website that usually consists of a good number of pages. Portals may contain both unique and copyrighted content and links to further Forex-related sites. Administrating a modern Forex portal is a task for a group of experienced webmasters and copyrighters because it is indeed hard to imagine handling it by a single person.

No matter what kind of an IB website you own it should correspond to the affiliate conditions settled by the particular broker. It is also important to mention that some brokers do not allow introducing their services along with services of their competitors on the same IB website. Thus, we strongly recommend coordinating all your activities regarding IB website development and administrating with the broker’s partnership manager.

Being an experienced Introducing Broker, Broker-Rates.com team is constantly looking for partners who wish to join Forex Affiliate Programs featured in our Partnership section. We have developed useful educational materials like Affiliate Marketing Guide and Website Promotion Tips which will help you get started or advance you online marketing skills. Moreover our web-developer will gladly build a unique website on your demand. Fill in the following form if being our partner you wish to get a modern easy to manage IB website and our representative will contact you to discuss the order.

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Note that you must be registered as our IB partner in order to submit for an IB website (Use our Authorization form in the right upper corner).
Minimum price for a simple IB Review Site is 100 USD.

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