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It is not a secret that Forex Affiliate market is the most remarkable among any other affiliate business sphere. And it is not surprisingly – affiliate programs is the major instrument for advancing any business online and thus it is considered as the most essential approach for online advertising and branding nowadays.

Of course Forex affiliate realm is extremely competitive today and for that reason many online businessmen may often ignore hot brokers’ proposals for participation in their multiple Forex affiliate programs. The other significant reason of omitting Forex affiliate business by various individuals is low level of knowledge in the sphere of Forex trading. We at are here to help you overcome these two mentioned delusions!

Everyone, no matter how conversant with Forex trading he appears to be, is welcome to participate in Top Forex Affiliate Programs featured on Let us presume you did not become a successful trader or have not even tried trading by your own – that means you may not know nothing about applying any trading strategy or even placing simple trading orders, so what? First of all, successful Introducing Broker (Agent) is more like an advertiser than a trader and therefore you must only learn the very basic principles of speculation on the financial markets. Secondly, all the questions which might appear from your referred clients will be directed to support department of a particular broker. Shortly speaking, your task as an IB is bringing new customers by various advertising and promotion methods thoroughly described in our partnership section.

List of Top Forex Affiliate Programs
Program Broker
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Submit for IB Direct Advertising [?] SEO [?] Tiers [?] Revenue
eToro Affiliate Program detailed Overview eToro partnership submission
RoboForex Affiliate Program detailed Overview RoboForex partnership submission
Forex4you Affiliate Program detailed Overview Forex4you partnership submission
Instaforex Affiliate Program detailed Overview Instaforex partnership submission
Exness Affiliate Program detailed Overview Exness partnership submission

Direct Advertising – advertising of your referral link by means of various sources but without using IB website. Permission for direct advertising gives you the right to use Broker name in various combinations. Forex example, you can make an AD for advertising RoboForex via some Forum site with “roboforex” or “robo forex” in ad heading or topic or post Headline.

Applying SEO – as you may already know, proper keyword density can raise your web-page in search results but keep in mind that not all brokers agree for such competition. The explanation for that is simple – they cannot afford their affiliates to take higher positions in search results by using the company name in main tags. If SEO is allowed it means you can use the company name in the main HTML tags of your IB web-site or in the AD text.

Number of Tiers – shows you from how many tiers you can get commissions in your affiliate network. View Forex Affiliate Programs for detailed information on multi-tier programs.

Revenue Scheme – there exist two main ways of getting IB commissions: “single” Cost Per Action (CPA) and “lifelong” Revenue Sharing. Both of them are thoroughly described on Forex Affiliate Programs page.


Top Forex Affiliate Programs – Advantages

Many young and successful businessmen state that, nowadays, setting affiliate business online is much easier than running something familiar offline and we agree with them completely. Therefore, we would like to highlight some certain, unquestionable advantages of Forex affiliate business:

  • No official registration – no taxes or excessive paper work.
  • Start from zero – participation in any of the top Forex affiliate program is absolutely free.
  • No language or territorial barriers – introducing brokers from all around the globe are welcome!
  • Offline advertising as an enhancement of your main direction is agreeable.
  • Vital marketing and statistical data provided by brokerage companies at no cost.
  • No obligations, contracts or loans – start and postpone your activity whenever you desire.


What Can you Get from

If you are a novice in the sphere of affiliate marketing and Forex trading all the above mentioned statements might seem a bit fuzzy. Moreover, you might not even understand the heart of the matter in our proposal yet. Do not worry about it if it is really so because we are ready to assist everyone with his first steps in the affiliate business. The only requirement for starting as our IB partner is a strong desire to earn as a Forex Affiliate (so called Introducing Broker).

Here is what you can get by signing up for top Forex affiliate programs featured on

  1. Individual approach – we will answer all your questions regarding affiliate business and give you brief instructions to start with if necessary.
  2. After signing up to our web-site you will get access to helpful guides on building and expanding your affiliate business.
  3. We can help you in developing your IB website if you decide to found one or will simply build it for you (taking into account all the essential SEO angles) on your demand!

Feel free to contact us in case of any questions, proposals or remarks regarding top Forex affiliate programs and our representative will reply in 48 hours.


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