IB Website Promotion Tips

Website Promotion is a complex of different techniques used to raise search engine ranks and bring more unique visitors to a particular website. Content development, search engine submission and SEO are among the most up-to-date methods which are used as a complex approach for gaining more web-traffic. All the website promotion tips featured here were tested by our team-mates and have lead to some really encouraging results: many of our pages became more attended and Broker-Rates.com became heavier for major Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, etc. It is important to emphasize that you may apply most of the featured website promotion tips at no cost.

All the website promotion tips described here are specified for Forex-related sites and should be considered as a complex technique – be applied altogether. Moreover, the below-exposed website promotion tips should be generally applied to brand new sites which have not been promoted or optimized earlier. However, you might use some of these advices to increase the thorough weight of older IB website too.

The following diagram will help you imagine and understand the whole process of website promotion. It will also show you the proper sequence of some most essential moves before you start examining the underlying promotion tips.

IB Website Promotion Tips


Inner Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is the very basic complex of techniques for any website promotion that must be taken into account and applied on the stage of development – starting from choosing a domain name and ending with content writing.

  1. Think positively while choosing a domain name – firstly, it must correspond to the main idea of your site and secondly, it mustn’t be too long to be catchy. Truly speaking, we are sure, that technically, your site name will not significantly influence on the results but there are a few tips which are widely considered as efficient:
    • .COM, .NET and .ORG domains are more preferable as they predispose visitors to positively esteem your site. Such domain endings are more convenient as most web users are accustomed to them;
    • domain name that contains a keyword phrase can help in gaining relevant web-traffic (you may separate the keyword or even use multiple words by applying "-" in the domain name, e.g. broker-rates.com).
  1. Choose stable and legit hosting company – stability of the server equipment your website is hosted at influence your website directly! Pay attention on legitimacy of the particular hosting company or establish your own server if you can afford it.
  2. Use proper structuring and page nesting – every significant page must be acceptable in not more than 3 clicks from the main or landing page.
  3. Every significant page must be filled with keywords. Page content should contain 5-7% of main and 2-3% of additional key words or phrases; you OUGHT NOT to apply more than 2 different key words or phrases per page and exceed the value of 15% of key density.
  4. Search for keywords with low and average monthly search values – find your niche by comparing competitive sites. Google Keyword Tool will assist you in searching for the proper keys.
  5. Properly use HTML tags to increase the weight of your pages:
    • every page title (tag) must contain keywords;
    • add keys to the headings (h1, h2, h3, h4)
    • some of the keywords (single keys or keyword phrases) must be pointed out in bold (strong tag is preferred) but avoid pointing out other non-keyword phrases;
    • every image must be named in accordance to the page main keyword (usetags);
    • do not use underlining because many visitors will consider such text as broken links;
    • including relevant links to both inner and outer pages might increase the page weight;
    • avoid frames and flash pages as they are considered as not SEO friendly.
  1. Create and submit a sitemap file – it will help search engine robots to properly index your site pages. You will find the detailed instruction for creating a sitemap on www.sitemaps.org
  2. Use Google Webmaster Tools – the most outstanding toolkit that will help you get on top of Google and other search engines. Do not worry if you have not dealt with something like that before – as any other Google product Webmaster Tools contains thorough instructions almost in all languages. Moreover, you will always find some up-to-date website promotion tips within this tool.
  3. Use robots.txt file if you want to exclude particular pages from search results of any search engine. You will find a detailed instruction of robots.txt usage on www.robotstxt.org
  4. Do not ever use doorways, link and keyword overloading, invisible font, cloaking or other black SEO methods.

Search engine algorithms like Google, Yahoo, Yandex, etc. are constantly upgrading by their developers. Thus, many illegal tricks (keyword overloading, massive link spreading, doorways and many others) which were efficiently applied earlier are now reckoned by search robots (or so called bots, spiders, crawlers) as black methods. After a search spider detect any black SEO on one of your site pages it will gain penalty that will significantly lower your website weight and moreover, will probably totally remove it from index. According to our website promotion tips we strongly recommend avoiding any illegal tricks and think positively while developing your website content. Remember that good and useful site will surely take higher positions sooner or later!


Link Building Website Promotion Tips

Link Building is the process of creating the appropriate links to your IB website which are known as back-links. The links can be placed at Forex-related or SEO-friendly web-directories, social bookmarking sites, social networks, etc. At present, link building is used very widely as this complex of promotion methods is considered to be the best way of making your site popular.


Directory Submission

Directories or listings are special sites used for link exchange. As for today, less and less webmasters give preference to this website promotion tip – it is definitely not so efficient nowadays but is still actual.

The most stable and balanced approach regarding directory submission is reciprocal links. It is the process of link exchange where two site administrators agree to show the other's link on their listing. Such approach is usually mutually beneficial for approximately equal sites as it helps in gaining higher search engine ranking.

Along with other IB website promotion tips Link Building by means of reciprocal links has numerous advantages:

  1. Reciprocal links help a webmaster in the entire boosting of his site – after a certain period of time the thorough weigh for search engines rises that means the site becomes more valuable.
  2. It contributes for obtaining wider search engine exposure and helps in getting indexed by major search engines.
  3. Eventually, placing proper links on the websites which correspond to your business niche brings you some additional, relevant web-traffic.

According to our website promotion tips we recommend our IB partners to buy and exchange links only with well established and properly oriented sites which at least have page rank 1. You can find a list of some useful resources which will gladly accept your links to their listings on Forex-Related Links page.


Submitting to DMOZ

DMOZ is the Open Directory Project – the largest and probably the oldest manually-edited, independent web-directory in the internet that has a highest page rank value - 10. Dmoz.org contains all possible thematic categories and new categories and subcategories appear there on demand. Undoubtedly, listing any site in this global directory is very preferable especially taking into account that submitting to DMOZ is absolutely free. However, there is no guarantee your site will be accepted. Talking about submitting to dmoz.org we would like to warn you that double submission are prohibited and approving of your request can take a few month after submission so be patient.


Article Submission

Article submission is another popular link building method used in the SEO industry nowadays. Thousands of fresh promo articles are submitted to various article directories every day. As any other promotional technique, article submission is applied to boost the back links of your IB site.

If you ask what kind of article is suitable for submission we would answer that such article must be brief, useful and of course interesting. It can be some kind of an internet brochure, review, significant news, trading technique or any other Forex-related material which will lead to your site. Submitting articles to article directories or other sites you may place a few text links in the article body and one in the author’s signature if such option is foreseen.

In correspondence to our website promotion tips we recommend submitting articles only to weighty and frequently attended directories (positive google page rank is a good factor). It is also worth to mention that exchanging articles as well as exchanging links is a widely spread and beneficial promotion technique nowadays. Find some suitable Forex related resources and try contacting their administrators with promotional proposals like article and link exchange.

View the list of SEO-friendly article directories where our articles are already submitted.


Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking is a relatively new but efficient method of website promotion. Submitting you site data to social bookmarking sites allows internet users to manage (store, organize, search, vote, comment) bookmarks of particular pages on the internet.

Applying social bookmarking is very important for brand new sites as it quickly brings outstanding results: bookmarked pages are indexed by search engines faster and it also drives relevant traffic and increases the amount of back-links. Shortly speaking, submitting to social bookmarking sites allows interested internet users to spread your back-links, vote and comment your site pages which make your IB website more open to the public (search engines like that :)).

View the list of social bookmarking sites and additional information on SB.

As you see, there are different ways of link building among our website promotion tips but not all of them are useful! Be aware – spreading to much links can bring harm to your site so do not overdose – exchange and place links gradually (10-15 links per day). Do not exchange, buy or place links on the inappropriate sites as it definitely won’t help you much.


Website Promotion Services

As for today thousands of website promotion services exist in the web. Many of them are legit that means they are owned by the officially registered companies but there are even more services founded by individuals. Such services are just sites – not more, nor less. We cannot but mention that as any other business sphere in this modern world, SEO industry is overloaded with scams. In any occasion, remember – there are no guarantees that ordering any of the website promotion services will fetch positive results and most of the website promotion firms agree with this statement, moreover you will surely find something like that in their disclaimer.

Broker-Rates.com team doesn’t use any website promotion services but it is up to you to decide whether to order them or act by your own. We have nothing against SEO companies but cannot recommend you any of them as we promote our sites only applying our IB website promotion tips.


Resume on Website Promotion Tips

As you see, webmasters around the world use various website promotion techniques some of which can be considered as obligate while some are still under question. Note that for better efficiency IB website promotion tips stated here are required to be applied altogether.

Before composing the website promotion tips we have clearly emphasized the difference between website promotions in general and IB website promotion. We reckon that IB websites have some specific distinctions as they are usually developed to attract new referrals. Thus, promotion tips for such specific sites should differ from general promotion strategies.

All the above-mention website promotion tips can be easily performed by a non-professional web-master at no cost. However, it is up to you to decide whether to boost your IB website by your own or hire professionals.


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